About Us

My name is Leah. I am firstly an utmost devoted mum to two beauties, and wife of an incredible fella, here in the northern part of Melbourne, Australia.

After painfully discovering that both my children suffered life threatening anaphylactic reactions to certain foods, I was driven to produce cakes, cupcakes, and biscuits for them, so they would never have to feel the disappointment of missing out at a birthday party or celebration ever again.
Sunflower Birthday Cake
Why did I then start a cake baking and decorating business? The answer is peer group pressure! The more people I came in contact with through my children, the more I found had connections with allergies and intolerances, but there was a lack of "know how" in coping with catering for those needs. After enough people suggested I start a business, I went back to school to get the credentials to accompany my years of experience.

Like a compass I had to keep pointing north, and for me, north was catering to the sweet needs of people with the dietary restrictions that keep them from walking into an ordinary cake shop, and ordering off the menu. Of course, they have to remain reasonably priced too!

Making allergy conscious food started as a necessity. It quickly became a passion, then hobby, and has now transformed into a small business.
It is a different way of cooking- different methods, ingredients, in fact every consideration is different. At no point in the process, can you stop thinking about the person you are baking for, and their particular needs. Every step, from cleaning to making tiny flowers, is with one person in mind- the client.

Because our kitchen caters for many different needs, it cannot be considered free of any one ingredient. Each ordered product is custom made one at a time, tailoring to a specific need, in an environment considerate enough to reach a wide range of people. Please read the disclaimer or contact me so you are fully informed of the right decision for you.

Two quotes I love to live my life by are, "When you know better, do better", and "Where there's a will, there's a way"!

Happy Cake Day!